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5 ideal for fishing cars under BGN 4,000

Publish date 10 June 2015
5 ideal for fishing cars under BGN 4,000 image

After last week with the colleagues from AutoCredit we offered you 5 jeeps that would make every hunter happy, today we decided to pay attention to the fishermen as well.

They have as many similar and different needs from their counterparts, who rely on a rifle instead of a fishing rod. Fishermen usually travel a lot in search of the perfect body of water, and off-road sections are rarely long and heavy. That is why they need a car that preferably has a 4x4 transmission, but is otherwise practical and convenient for use on the public road network.

The price is also not to be neglected, and if the car in question offers enough comfort and extras to be used in everyday life, the fisherman is completely won. We have selected five such cars that we believe meet the above requirements. On top of that, their price does not exceed BGN 4,000.