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Distinction for I & G Insurance Brokers Ltd

Publish date 11 June 2015
Distinction for I & G Insurance Brokers Ltd image

The third annual awards of Bulstrad Vienna Insurance Group were held on June 4 this year, in the evening of the Sunburn

The winners received magnificent graphics of the St. Bernard dog, the work of Prof. Georgi Chapkanov-Chapa.

The evening took place under the symbol of the long-term development of Bulstrad, to which the not accidentally selected atmosphere of the restaurant of Hotel Bulgaria contributed.

Each broker was greeted at the entrance with a small souvenir made to order.

At the very culmination of the evening, Mr. Nikolay Zdravkov, Manager of I&G Insurance Brokers, received the award:

"Best property insurance cooperation".

The award was presented by Vessela Yancheva, Director General Agency Sofia.