5 of the best professions in the world

Publish date 18 October 2013
5 of the best professions in the world image

Wise people have said, "Choose a job you love and you won't have to work a single day." These 5 people are definitely an example of this.
See 5 of the best professions in the world:
Buyer of Ferrari
Name: Marcel Massini What he does: He travels the world to inspect Ferrari cars and eventually buy them. Do this on a stick to customers
Where it works: It is based in Zurich, Switzerland. Its customers send it to inspect expensive Ferraris. He assesses whether the car is worth the amount his client is willing to pay. Masini is an expert on cars and that's why millionaires trust him and rely on him to make a good deal.
He says buying a classic Ferrari for less than $ 1 million is a scam.
Organizer of the mega-party
Name: Colin Cowie What he does: He organizes huge parties
Where he works: New York He usually does celebrity parties. His clients included Oprah Winfrey and Tom Cruise.
The things he organizes are so large that they are not just parties, but "events". He is also a specialist in luxury weddings.
Specialist in the interior of private jets
Name: Eric Roth
What it does: the interior of the private jets of the rich
Where he works: His company, International Jet Interiors, is based in Ronconcoma, New York. His clients include Hollywood stars and sheikhs from the Middle East. It totally transforms the interior of the aircraft so that first class looks like nothing compared to its designs. Among his most extravagant ideas are a toilet bowl covered with alligator skin, gold faucets, a movie theater and more.
He builds yachts for millionaires
Name: Hank de Vries What he does: Builds megayachts
Where he works: his company Feadship yachts is based in Amsterdam. He is the CEO of one of the most famous companies that build yachts. His clients included Steve Jobs and Larry Ellison. Lamborghini dealer
Name: Brett David
What it does: Manages the brand's most famous dealer in the United States
Where he works: Prestige Imports is based in Miami. Brett David has no idea what it means to go to work on public transportation. He goes to work with a gilded Lamborghini. He is not yet 30 years old, and is now the boss of the largest company selling Lamborghini in the United States. He says he has sold cars for more than $ 2 billion so far, and the first Lamborghini sold to rapper Missy Elliott.

Source: profit.bg