5 types of employees who always receive a promotion

Publish date 07 May 2014
5 types of employees who always receive a promotion image

5 types of employees who always receive a promotion.

You are a decent person, you work conscientiously and honestly. You are the dream colleague, but somehow you are still ignored. Even your craziest colleagues have been promoted, and they haven't given you a dirty bonus. Of course, you are offended, but you keep working because you are sure that the sun will rise on your street as well. Ever ever.


However, it turns out that there are five types of workers who are most often promoted, and if you are not one of them, you will need a lot of luck. Data were collected and analyzed after various studies. We can safely say that there are models on which managers rely more and accordingly actively encourage.

1. The "human" man

Clients, colleagues, bosses - everyone likes this person. He or she has a pleasant nature, of course with others, and is pleasant company. This type of worker is suitable for a manager or team leader because his qualities help him to work with all kinds of people.

2. The initiative

There is always at least one person who takes the initiative in complex projects and somehow naturally takes the unwritten leadership position. He knows how to give instructions without them looking like orders. He also knows how to give feedback so that everyone can know how to cope.

3. The adaptive

This type of worker learns very quickly and manages to adapt to any job and any working conditions. His / her intelligence and intuition are useful in complex situations that require quick and correct solutions.

4. The decisive one

A person who is determined and confident in what he does can perfectly fit into a leadership position, as long as he is given such an opportunity. This type quickly chooses the most appropriate direction and easily copes with the tasks.

5. The ethical

No matter what the role and position of a person in his work, his actions are always guided by his personal ethical judgment. The ethical person will not compromise with his personal principles and will not strive to move forward at the cost of everything.


Source: div.bg.