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86% of cars in Bulgaria - with insurance

NEWS_PUBLISH_DATE 30 December 2013
86% of cars in Bulgaria - with insurance image

The problem in the system of the Guarantee Fund, which blocked hundreds of insurances the day before, has been eliminated so far. The insurers will continue to work on December 31. It is in the last days of the year and the beginning of January that about 30% of all concluded Civil Liability insurances are renewed. The Financial Supervision Commission reports an increase in insured cars. About 86% of the cars in Bulgaria had a "Civil Liability" at the end of November, informs bTV. BGN 18.5 million were paid from the guarantee fund for damages in case of a road accident with uninsured cars and non-property damages.

Insurers and financial supervision report cheaper car policies during the year. At the height of the campaign to renew civil liability, the price has traditionally remained lower. See also: Four companies hold 60% of the CI market Depending on the region, the car and the risk, brokers calculate the average value of the policy at BGN 182, falling to BGN 150 in smaller settlements and 190 in Sofia, for example. It is interesting to note that despite the majority of insured cars, the benefits paid by the guarantee fund by the end of November were 7% more than in the whole of 2012.

The financial supervision reports that the main problem remains in covering damages from guilty Romanian drivers, who, however, drive cars with Bulgarian license plates. For the first time in 5 years, civil liability has become permanently cheaper in 2013, according to financial supervision. The percentage of civil liability cars varies - especially in winter. "There are still a large number of car owners who believe that they should not take out civil liability if they do not use the car in the winter - this, of course, is not the case," said Borislav Bogoev from "Insurance Supervision" at the FSC. "Even going out without compulsory insurance can go deep into the owner's pocket. The fine for lack of civil liability is BGN 400, and in the worst case it can cost thousands to cover damages in a road accident." a gradual increase in the price after that, as the current premium is not enough for the insurers to cover the damages in an adequate way ", commented Nikolay Zdravkov from the Bulgarian Association of Insurance Brokers. halved - about BGN 1 million were paid. However, the growth of money to cover non-pecuniary damages is serious - for the so-called pain and side effects. More than BGN 17.5 million have been paid. The claims are determined on the basis of how you measure that you or your loved ones have suffered this incident, both mentally and emotionally, ”explained the expert from the Commission on financial supervision.

A system for assessing mental damage and suffering is still being developed. Insurers, on the other hand, are pushing for the introduction of the so-called bonus-malus system, according to which risky drivers will pay more expensive insurance, at the expense of decent drivers, for whom the policy will be symbolic. The register, which will record all road accidents of drivers, should be operational by the end of March. This will technically ensure the actual introduction of the system in which the risk determines the price of the insurance. This will avoid the possibility for a driver who caused a car accident to change the insurer and be a "clean", risk-free driver again. If the legislative changes are also voted on, the system can work in a year.