They link Civil Liability to road violations

Publish date 02 January 2014
They link Civil Liability to road violations image

From next year, drivers will not be able to choose the cheapest price for Civil Liability.

The reason is that by the end of the first half of 2014 the country should have a unified electronic system for reporting claims on car insurance. Such requirements are not yet mandatory.

For this reason, insurers are massively offering promotional offers that are cheaper than in previous months in a recent attempt to win more customers. Gone are the days when insurers won customers over with gifts such as free fuel, alcohol or mobile phones.

According to brokers, at the moment only the lower price of Civil Liability grabs the attention of Bulgarians.

"About 20-30% of the insured cars conclude this policy at the end of the year, then we notice that the insurers really try to offer the lowest possible value of the policy, while the rest of the time they gradually raise prices," explained Svetlin Penev, insurance broker. .

The sale of insurance over the Internet is also developing more and more. To do this, you need to enter the data of the car and make a request, choosing the best offer. Payment is made by courier, who will give you the policy. The price is currently determined by the cubic capacity of the engine, the experience of the driver and the region in which the vehicle is registered.

"For example, for Sofia the price of the policy is more expensive than the other big cities, which fall into the second group and in all other settlements, which belong to the third group, where the value of the policy is the lowest," said Svetlin Penev, insurance broker.

According to the Financial Supervision Commission, the coverage of compulsory car insurance currently covers 86% of cars, and according to EU requirements, it should cover 90 percent of our vehicles.

In our country, the Civil Insurance is made on the car, while the world practice is to make the policy for the driver. The Financial Supervision Commission is already preparing a bill according to which drivers of motor vehicles with fewer offenses on the road will pay for cheaper Third Party Liability insurance.

The model is known as "bonus-malus". The system will be technically ready and tested in March. However, in order for it to enter into force, it is necessary to make changes to the Insurance Code, which must be submitted to the parliament by the Ministry of Finance.

Source: BNT