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Amazon unveils its first smartphone on June 18

Amazon unveils its first smartphone on June 18 image

Amazon will present its first smartphone on June 18.

Jeff Bezos, CEO of the largest e-commerce company, announced on his Twitter page that an event will be held in June to present a new product.

Bezos also posted a photo of the event, which shows a black smartphone with the inscription Amazon.

It is believed that the smartphone will have a 3D display and was developed in collaboration with Taiwanese HTC. According to Bloomberg, it will initially be offered to Amazon customers who pay the highest annual subscription of £ 49 a year.

IDC data show that the global smartphone market grew by 21% last year. Revenue reached $ 338.3 billion.

The leader in sales in the first quarter of 2014 was the South Korean Samsung with a market share of 31%, followed by the American Apple with 15%.