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What is the worst driving city in the world?

What is the worst driving city in the world? image

The Russian capital has been declared the busiest city in terms of traffic. A Tom-Tom study found that the average extra time drivers spend driving at peak hours is 74% more than the hours with less traffic.

"In the last few years, car owners in Russia have jumped significantly, especially in Moscow," said Nick Coon, a TomTom expert quoted by CNBC.

"The problem is not only in the load on the main road artery, but also in the lack of alternative routes," added the specialist.

Istanbul ranks second in the non-prestigious ranking, where the extra travel time in busy hours is 62% more than in less busy hours.

Like Moscow, Istanbul has seen rapid growth in recent years, where rising wages have led to a significant jump in the number of car owners.

A serious deterioration is observed in the situation in the leading cities in Latin America, which occupy the next few places in the ranking. For example, in Rio de Janeiro the average time during busy hours is 55% more, while in Mexico City it is 54% more and in Sao Paulo 46% more.

Research shows that taking alternative paths does not help. Catching minor roads to bypass congestion actually takes longer, researchers say. What's more, they add almost 50% more time to the trip.