Bulgaria in mourning

Publish date 23 June 2014
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June 23 is a Day of National Mourning in memory of the victims of the tragic floods. On a day of mourning, the national flag of state institutions was halved.

According to official data, the victims of the flood in Varna are 11. Two children are wanted there - aged 2 and 6. The death of a man has been confirmed in Dobrich.

The tragedy began on Thursday night when torrential rain fell at 5 p.m. Bulgaria was shaken by information about the flood in Varna, which took victims.

In the evening, a tidal wave with a height of 2-3 meters hit part of the "Asparuhovo" district and swept people, cars, houses, reminds BGNES.

However, the tragedy also showed something new for Bulgarians - hundreds of volunteers from all over the country got involved to help people clean their homes of embankments and mud. The army with equipment and helicopters, as well as the Ministry of Interior joined.

Donation accounts were opened, campaigns for collecting clothes and donations were launched. The Minister of Labor and Social Policy Hasan Ademov has already announced that the relatives of the victims of the disaster in Varna and Dobrich will be supported with a one-time aid of BGN 10,000 each.

There will also be financial assistance for the flood victims who have duly submitted documentation for damage assessment. Deputy Prime Minister Daniela Bobeva said all flood damage would be covered.

On the day of national mourning at 11:00 in the Cathedral of the Assumption in Varna, President Rosen Plevneliev will attend the service of a trisagion by Metropolitan John of Varna and Veliko Preslav in memory of the victims of the catastrophic floods in the country. A memorial service for the victims will be held in many temples in the country.

Source: Profit.bg