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The Bulgarian Parliament with insurance for BGN 100,000

NEWS_PUBLISH_DATE 28 October 2015
The Bulgarian Parliament with insurance for BGN 100,000 image

The estimated value of the order amounts to BGN 108,000 with VAT. The Parliament will insure with full Casco 100 cars, 568 seats in them, as well as 248 properties of the National Assembly, informs BGNES.

The offers, which will be submitted by November 20, must contain proposals for the Civil Liability, Casco and Accident insurances for the cars of the National Assembly, as well as the Fire and Natural Disasters for the real estates of the Parliament.

The 100 cars in which the MPs are driving will be insured against theft and robbery, as well as against vandalism, it is clear from the terms of the public procurement. 568 seats in the deputies' limousines will be insured against an accident. The insurance premium for one place is BGN 5,000.

It is also clear from the documentation that in the last three years nine cars of the National Assembly have suffered a traffic accident, which happened through the fault of the parliamentary drivers.

The real estate, owned by the Bulgarian Parliament, in the amount of 248 properties will be insured against fire, earthquake, strikes, riots and riots, flood, hail, accident of plumbing.

The object of insurance will be the two buildings of the National Assembly in the center of Sofia, the rest stations of the parliament in Velingrad and Bansko, as well as the apartments in which deputies from the country are accommodated during their term.

The choice of insurer will be based on a proposed offer with the "lowest price".