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BACB launched a charity campaign

Publish date 27 November 2014
BACB launched a charity campaign image

The "Insurer of the Year" competition, which has become a tradition, will not take place, the Bulgarian Association of Insurance Brokers (BACB) announced. The reasons for this decision are the serious consequences of the natural disasters that befell our country in 2014. The members of the association believe that holding ceremonial events against the background of human casualties and huge material damage suffered in the affected areas is unacceptable.

To express its sympathy for this tragedy, UBAB launched a charity campaign to deal with the consequences of natural disasters and prevent further damage.

The campaign is entitled TO SAVE CHITALISHTE RODINA! The object of the campaign is the largest community center in Bulgaria - community center "Rodina - 1860" - Stara Zagora. The upper floors and the roof of the community center have been severely damaged by torrential rains and heavy storms this year. The building is used by over 2,000 people, mostly children, including amateur ensembles, a music school and the Zagorche Children's and Youth Ensemble. In order for their activity to continue, urgent repairs are needed. In this way the building will be secured and new severe damage will be prevented in future natural disasters.

UABB decided to appeal to all its members and partners operating in Bulgaria to raise funds to support the victims in the disaster areas.

UABB calls on all those involved in such issues to get involved in the campaign and contribute to it.

Those wishing to join the initiative can help make a donation to:

Donation fundraising account:

Bulgarian Association of Insurance Brokers (BACB)

TBI Bank

IBAN: BG34TBIB93105014499601; BIC: TBIBBGSF

The fundraising will continue from November 20, 2014 to January 31, 2015. Decisions on their spending will be made by a commission from the Municipality of Stara Zagora, Public Donation Fund - Stara Zagora, Chitalishte Rodina and BABB.


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