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Language insured for 1.6 million. dollars

NEWS_PUBLISH_DATE 28 November 2014
Language insured for 1.6 million. dollars image

The language of this man, who is one of the most important assets for the tea manufacturer Tetley, is insured for the colossal sum of 1.6 million dollars.

Taster Sebastian Michaelis can guess a type of tea in a split second.

His skills in creating tea blends are comparable to those of whiskey masters. Michaelis examines the color, size and density of tea leaves. To improve his taste buds, he spent almost a decade in the tea gardens of Africa and India.

Five years of training is required for those who want to be tasters in the UK. Michaelis is the best of the three full-time tasters at Tetley. It is for this reason that its taste buds are insured for $ 1.6 million.

The tea drink in the UK is especially revered. 165 million glasses are drunk a day from it.

With her expensive insurance policy, Michaelis is approaching some stars who have insured important parts of their bodies - Rolling Stones guitarist Keith Richards has insured his hands for $ 1.6 million, and former model Heidi Klum has insured her legs for $ 2 million. dollars.

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