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Where did we insure in 2014?

NEWS_PUBLISH_DATE 03 December 2014
Where did we insure in 2014? image

The Financial Supervision Commission published a few days ago the data on the insurance market in the country for the period January 1 - September 30, 2014. We offer you to see which are the currently preferred companies in the country for the different types of insurance.

Four are leading companies in the non-life insurance sector, holding more than 10% of the market. The leading position at the end of the third quarter belongs to Armeec, followed by Bulstrad Vienna Insurance Group, Lev Ins and DZI General Insurance.

Allianz Bulgaria and Bull Ins are also in the lead, and Euroins and Victoria are also with over 5% market share.

Most often, with BGN 106 million and BGN 68.4 million in premium income, respectively, Lev Ins and Bull Ins also concluded the most popular compulsory Civil Liability policy. Followed by Armeec, OZK Insurance and Bulstrad Vienna Insurance Group.

When it comes to Casco, Armeec is the preferred company in the country. It is followed by Bulstrad Vienna Insurance Group, DZI Insurance, Allianz Bulgaria and Lev Ins.

Fire and natural disasters is the third most popular insurance, accounting for 17.5% of gross premium income. For their part, car insurance has a share of 69.4 percent.

Leading in the insurance "Fire and natural disasters" are Energy, Bulstrad Vienna Insurance Group, Allianz Bulgaria, Victoria and DZI General Insurance.

According to data from the Financial Supervision Commission, the three leading companies in the sector report losses as of September 30.

The negative financial result for Armeec is BGN 11.78 million, and the losses for Bulstrad Vienna Insurance Group and Lev Ins are BGN 661 thousand and BGN 2.7 million, respectively.

DZI General Insurance reported a profit of BGN 1.4 million at the end of September, Allianz Bulgaria had a loss of BGN 9.7 million, and Bull Ins had a profit of BGN 6.5 million.