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It is a proclamation, do not go hungry and without money

It is a proclamation, do not go hungry and without money image

All Christians - Orthodox, Catholics and Protestants, today celebrate one of the greatest holidays - the Annunciation, which honors one of the greatest sacraments in Christianity.

According to the Bible, on this day the Archangel Gabriel announces to the Virgin Mary the good news that she will give birth to the Savior of mankind - the Son of God Jesus Christ.

Name day is celebrated by everyone with names

Blaga, Blago, Blagovest, Blagovesta, Blagoy, Blagoyna and others.

There are also various superstitions. On this day you get up early to make the year rich.

Everyone tries to leave home full and with money in their pockets, so that if the cuckoo catches him, he will be full and with money all year round.

It is believed that if someone first sees a stork that does not fly, but lies or walks, it will be bad for him.

If a girl or a boy sees a swallow first, he ties an empty towel three times, puts it on the roof and after three days guesses what it will take.

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