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Civil Liability Calculator

NEWS_PUBLISH_DATE 01 August 2016
Civil Liability Calculator image

According to the legislation of the Republic of Bulgaria, for each car registered in the country, a Civil Liability Insurance must be concluded. Thus, in the event of an accident, the insurance of the responsible driver will indemnify all third parties for the damages of property or non-property nature.

Property damages are all damages that have been inflicted on the victim's car or on his belongings. And non-property is the damage done to the physics or psyche of man.

The Civil Liability Insurance is one-year, and its price can be paid at once or in installments. It may be different for different insurance companies.

For this purpose, in order to facilitate the individual selection of the most appropriate offer, I&G has created a special online calculator "Civil Liability". Through it, everyone who owns a motor vehicle has the opportunity to compare different proposals. This is done by filling out a short questionnaire in which information about the car and the driving experience of its owner must be given, on the basis of which the offers offered by the various insurance companies will be received immediately.

The technical characteristics of the vehicle are of the greatest importance for the formation of the price of the Civil Liability Insurance. For example, for Class B cars and motorcycles, the engine displacement is considered to be of particular importance. For vans and buses, the number of seats is of major importance, while for trucks, their total weight plays a significant role.

Other factors that determine the price are the year of production, registration in the place of residence, the age of the driver and the violations committed by him in recent years, the presence of other insurances with the same company, etc. Depending on all this, different insurers can offer attractive discounts.

The prices of the Civil Liability Insurance are constantly changing, especially in the months of December and January, when there is a peak in their conclusion. This is a trick of insurance companies to attract more customers. The paradox, however, is that this makes people feel more difficult and confused, as it becomes much more difficult for them to decide where it will be most profitable for them to insure their car. Because of these things, I&G's Civil Liability Calculator is a great way to save all this.

Another main advantage is that through the calculator the car owner will not have to spend meetings with insurance agents. This saves valuable time that one can set aside for something else.

The Civil Liability Calculator is an innovative and modern method created for the benefit of drivers.