Welcome to the international car forest

Publish date 22 August 2014
Welcome to the international car forest image

On the outskirts of the old mining town of Goldfield in Nevada is the International Automobile Forest - an art installation of 40 graffiti-strewn old cars, trucks and buses buried in the desert. The installation is the result of a collaboration between Michael Rippi and artist Chad Sorg.

Rippi, who owns 80 acres of land in the area in 2002, had to receive a Guinness Book of World Records for the most cars stuck vertically in the ground.

He was later joined by Chad Sorg, who happened to be driving through the area a few years ago and saw a vehicle sticking out of the ground.

He was so intrigued by Rippi's work that he moved to Goldfield in 2011 to live in the caravan and create art with him. The forest is open to visitors all year round. Bands often give concerts among cars.

However, the two artists did not work together after a party scandal. Rippi is currently in prison and will remain there for two years.

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