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How much money did ALS raise from the ice water challenge?

NEWS_PUBLISH_DATE 25 August 2014
How much money did ALS raise from the ice water challenge? image

In just a few short weeks, the ubiquitous ice bucket challenge raised more than $ 50 million for the ALS. And it shows no signs of slowing down.

What is believed to have started with golfer Chris Kennedy in Sarasota, Florida, in support of his wife's cousin, who has amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), has been transformed into a social media sensation that has even reached the White House.

As of July 29, the campaign has raised $ 53 million. Her accounts have received more than $ 10 million since Thursday alone, Time reported.

For comparison - for the same period last year, the association received only $ 2.2 million in donations, according to HuffPost.

But the challenge of inviting three other daredevils to pour ice water or donate money has not always been a trademark of the ALS community.

In this way, funds were raised for movement within the International United Pentecostal Church. Earlier in New Zealand, the challenge was made in favor of anti-cancer charities.

The challenge has become synonymous with ALS, a disease for which there is still no cure, after being picked up by supporters of 29-year-old Pete Freits, a baseball player at Boston College, according to the Associated Press.

Freit was diagnosed two years ago with progressive neurodegenerative disease and is now paralyzed. He cannot speak, relies on a feeding tube and communicates using special eye tracking technology.

His supporters, called Team FrateTrain, organized the August challenge in Copley Square in Boston, which involved 200 people, and the campaign began to spread like wildfire.