The CRISIS experts in Bulgaria

Publish date 31 May 2016
The CRISIS experts in Bulgaria image

The Institute for Market Economics has been analyzing the labor market for years. According to their analyzes, the labor market is emerging from the crisis.

In 2015, the employment rate is approaching its highest values ​​since 2008. About 300,000 jobs that have not been restored have disappeared during the crisis. The structure of the economy has definitely changed since then. The manufacturing industry, in most of its sub-sectors, creates employment.

The largest employment is created by the production of car parts. Other industries that have created employment in recent years are the IT industry, courier services and transport.

After the crisis, Southern Bulgaria is recovering much faster than Northern Bulgaria. Unfortunately, the territorial imbalances in our country are still there.

Although the labor market has been recovering in the last two years, there are still groups that are not participants - these are people with primary or lower primary education.

In 2015, there was a decrease of 10,500 employees in this group.