What you need to know about the tires of your car

Publish date 27 May 2016
What you need to know about the tires of your car image

The condition and quality of car tires is extremely important because they provide you with road safety.

The so-called "all-season" tires have become very popular in recent years in terms of car components. There is no better option in which you do not have to change your tires according to the season and take into account the condition of the roads.

For the production of all-season tires, however, manufacturers must make certain trade-offs in construction and rubber compound. According to their performance on the road, tires are divided into 7 main classes - from class A to class G.

The division is straight, according to their wet grip and in terms of car fuel consumption. With the best Class A tires, it is quite possible that the fuel consumption does not exceed the 7% limit.

Noise from strong tire rotation is one of the causes of noise pollution, especially in larger cities.

There are tires that maintain quality at a higher price. The quality of the tires must not be compromised. Due to their purpose, they are too important for any car. That is why experts recommend buying better quality tires, although their price may be higher.