Ford and Heinz will make car parts from tomatoes

Publish date 13 June 2014
Ford and Heinz will make car parts from tomatoes image

Carmaker Ford and world-renowned ketchup maker Heinz have announced that their research departments are working on a joint project to find a solution for using processed tomato waste to make auto parts, Time magazine reported.

The idea arose within the framework of a program for creating durable bioplastics, which would find application in the production of various machine parts. This will reduce the use of petrochemical products in industry, as well as reduce the harmful effects on the environment.

Initially, the two research departments will examine whether dried tomato peels are strong enough to be used to make mounting brackets, as well as containers for coins and other small items.

Nearly two years ago, Ford began working with companies such as Heinz, The Coca-Cola Company, Nike Inc. and Procter & Gamble to develop a new 100% plant-based plastic material.