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Phrases that will ruin your career

NEWS_PUBLISH_DATE 28 October 2013
Phrases that will ruin your career image

Spoken word - a stone's throw, people say. Choose your words carefully and value the time of others so as to make it as easy as possible to communicate with them. And if there are things that are just annoying like verbosity, parasitic words and diluted messages, some sentences can really create the image of you as a lazy and incompetent employee. For example, these:

  • first I will smoke a cigarette (I will go to eat, drink coffee), and then I will take up the task. The unequivocal message you are sending is that you are a person who often procrastinates. This will gradually create the impression of you being disorganized, unable to set your priorities correctly, and people who need to be constantly reminded of their tasks. My God, what am I doing here! There are hardly many things with which you can insult your colleagues and bosses as much as with such a remark;
  • tell me what to do, I save. People who wait for instructions on how to act step by step demonstrate their helplessness, fear, lack of ideas ... and even memory;
  • this is not my job, my working time is up;
  • probably when you say such a line, all the justice is on your side. But you also understand that you can hardly make a worse anti-advertisement in front of your boss, suggesting that you are a narrow-minded person who cannot be relied on in difficult situations;
  • I don't know how long it will take. This gives the impression of an employee who is incompetent and lacks project management knowledge;
  • I will start from afar ... The long explanations are three stones thrown in your garden. So you say that first - you are not competent enough to explain the problem directly. Second, don't value the time of your boss and colleagues. Third, you are trying to shift the blame;
  • this is not my sphere, I do not understand anything. We live in a time when we are looking for people who can handle many different tasks at once. Building a career in today's world requires flexibility and a willingness to change, and with these words you declare that you have no desire to move forward;
  • of course i will try but it is unrealistic. The words "unrealistic" and "impossible" act to most bosses like a red bull. With them you just create the impression of a person who insures against failure in advance.