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"Civil liability" to rise in price at the suggestion of doctors

NEWS_PUBLISH_DATE 14 October 2015

Accident victims should be treated at the expense of the fund responsible for the contributions of the Civil Liability Insurance.

The director of the Military Medical Academy, Prof. Nikolay Petrov, quoted by "Darik", believes that the trauma caused by a traffic accident is not a disease, but an injury, due to which the health insurance fund is not obliged to pay for it.

According to him, the source should be completely different, because it is not the fault of regular taxpayers to pay with their insurance through the health insurance fund for the treatment of patients who are disabled and not sick.

Prof. Milan Milanov, who heads the Central Intensive Care Unit in Pirogov, added:
"The proposal is very simple. Now there is Civil Liability, which we all pay and the money goes to repair cars, but not to repair people," he said, adding that the contribution could be raised and created through it. a fund through which hospitals receive the respective amounts to an account provided to insurers.

In their opinion, this is the main reason why medical institutions accumulate debts. Their calculations show that if Civil Liability increases by BGN 10, this will provide BGN 30 million a year, which can solve a number of problems.