Distinctions for four social security insurance initiatives

Publish date 02 October 2015
Distinctions for four social security insurance initiatives image

Two branch associations in insurance presented awards "Insurers for society"

At an official ceremony last night, the Bulgarian Association of Insurance Brokers (BACB) and the Association of Bulgarian Insurers (ABZ) presented the first "Insurers for Society" awards for projects, causes and long-term initiatives for the benefit of Bulgarian society.
On the day of the insurer were awarded business - social initiatives that insurance companies and brokers have implemented over the past year.
11 projects applied for the initiative.
BACB and ABZ awarded two first prizes, one second and one third prize.

In the first place were awarded "DZI-General Insurance" and ZAD "Armeec".
DZI won a prize for the project "You are not alone on the road". The aim of the campaign is more responsible behavior on the road of all participants and reduction of dangerous situations in urban traffic.
"Armeec" was awarded for the project "Patriotism", whose main goal is to preserve national and historical values, cultural and natural heritage, affirmation, education and preservation of Bulgarian identity.
The awards were presented by the Deputy Chairman of the FSC, Head of the Insurance Supervision Department - Ralitsa Again.

In second place was the project "Safe home for our children" of "Generali Insurance". The aim of the campaign is to help at least 12 children a year not to end up in social homes, but to live happily and loved in a family. The prize was presented by the Chairman of the Board of BACB - Iveta Kunova.

The third place was taken by a brokerage company - this is ZBK "Balkan", and the awarded project was "Volunteer action for refreshment and repair of the area" Arboretum "in Vitosha Park". The aim of the campaign is to provide an opportunity for the visitors of the Arboretum in Vitosha Park to continue to use the created infrastructure through its restoration and maintenance. The award was presented by the Chairman of the Board of ABZ Dancho Danchev.
All winners received diplomas.
The organizers hope that the award will become annual and the projects will increase with each passing year.

Source: INSMARKET, media partner of the initiative.