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Civil liability or unprofitable transaction

NEWS_PUBLISH_DATE 08 February 2016
Civil liability or unprofitable transaction image

What is Civil Liability?

Probably, as befits a conscientious citizen and driver, you are familiar with the law of the road in Bulgaria. However, we will remind you that according to him, the Civil Liability Insurance is obligatory, and for the reckless drivers (in whose group, we hope you do not belong), who did not take care of signing or renewing their policy, sanctions are provided. .

Therefore, the name "Civil Liability" is fully deserved, as it is not just a responsibility, but an obligation to citizens drivers. In reality, however, it is a transaction between an insurer and a client, as you are probably well aware.

What can we get and not get from her?

In fact, it is entirely up to you how you look at this insurance and whether you will take out Civil Liability, where you pay for a quality product that meets your needs and those of the law, or you will prefer a "bad deal". The difference is that in the second case, due to carelessness, recklessness, hasty decision-making and especially ignorance of the insurance market with its wealth of different offers, you agree to uncomfortable conditions and prices, which then turned out to be and lower - only if you had agreed better with the insurer.

These are common problems when looking for a suitable insurance company not only for Civil Liability, but also for any other type of insurance.

A cure for insurance misunderstandings

Professionals from the insurance brokerage company I&G Brokers, whose main task is to solve such problems, as well as to take care of clients and their wishes, work hard against such misunderstandings. I&G Brokers have proven themselves in the insurance market with their 20 years of experience in the industry, servicing approximately 250,000 insurance policies per year and a stable network of offices, spread throughout the country - over 140 offices, the number of which continues to increase.

The company, in addition to correct attitude and accuracy, offers a full range of insurance services, and its team guarantees excellent results in its task to find the most suitable insurance offer on the market for its customers. The next few points list the advantages of I&G Brokers, with the help of which the conclusion of Civil Liability turns into a profitable deal.

Introducing the "Benefits"!

Civil liability calculator.

As you probably know, the price of Civil Liability is determined individually for each driver according to: his driver status, type of vehicle, method of payment, territorial scope and specific terms of the contract offered by each insurance company.

Therefore, the insurance market is full of various offers and it is often not possible to look at and compare them all or it takes too long to study them. We at IG Brokers offer a service that you can take advantage of even if you are not a customer of the company - the online calculator "Civil Liability". It will automatically and quickly calculate all prices of Civil Liability on the market according to your individual characteristics and the conditions of each insurance company. This way you will instantly have the opportunity to compare all current prices, which is the first step towards concluding your profitable insurance deal.

Don't miss the promotions!
In addition to a variety of prices on the insurance market, there are a variety of promotional offers that you can take advantage of if you are well aware of what is happening in this area or have enough free time to follow the latest information. In this regard, I&G guarantees its customers that they will always be informed about promotions in the field of insurance and especially Civil Liability. For a company with such extensive experience, contacts and stable partnerships built over the years, this is not a difficulty. I&G is always ready to inform you about the current promotional offers for each type of insurance.

You get a broker + lawyer + business partner
One of the biggest advantages of the company, which would inevitably create the feeling that the signing of a Civil Liability insurance policy has become a bargain, is the negotiation of the terms. If necessary, I&G negotiates further and, taking over the functions of your insurance lawyer, strives to create the best and most favorable conditions. In the face of the company you will find not only an excellent insurance broker, but also the support of a trusted business partner and associate who always defends your interests. Even in filing damages to an already concluded policy, I&G actively cooperates.

With such a broker, you win a lawyer, an associate and your insurance representative, whom you can always count on, relieved of the burden of "Civil Liability", as the responsibility is already shared.

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