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Where to get online medical insurance abroad

Where to get online medical insurance abroad image

The fastest and easiest way is online. We can use the platform of I&G Insurance Brokers. With them we can choose between seven different insurers companies at different prices with different amounts of coverage. The only condition we have to fulfill in order to order it online is to have a device with internet, to fill in the travel data and the type of risk we want to be covered.

Where it will be most convenient for us to conclude

It is most convenient for everyone to register online, because we can do it wherever we are, even if we have already started our journey. If we do not have the opportunity to order online, we can visit the nearest office of I&G Insurance Brokers and take out medical insurance for travel abroad.

What data do we need?

Online medical insurance for travel abroad takes no more than 2 minutes. All you have to do is use the calculator and choose the right package for you. The data you need to fill in are the following:

  • type - single or multiple;
  • purpose of the trip - excursion, sports, work and study;
  • date - start and end;
  • destination - Europe, all over the world or anywhere except the USA and Canada;
  • amount - from BGN 5 to 100 thousand;
  • currency - euro or dollars;
  • passengers - number and age;
  • to choose more coverage - costs of rescue, death or accident, costs of hospitalization, theft of luggage, civil liability, legal aid.

What it covers

Occupational health insurance can be for one person or a group of people. It covers:

  • treatment and return costs due to an accident or illness;
  • costs for transportation of mortal remains;
  • medical help;
  • rescue costs;
  • death as a result of an accident;
  • hospital stay expenses;
  • theft or loss of luggage;
  • Third-party liability insurance;
  • legal aid.

The coverage is valid everywhere except Bulgaria and the country where the insured lives or has citizenship. For them, I&G Insurance Brokers offer another type.

What I&G Insurance Brokers provides you

Medical insurance for travel abroad is not mandatory, but it is recommended, in I&G Insurance Brokers you can choose between a wide variety of insurers, coverage and insurance amounts. You can enjoy the sights in peace or focus on your work or study in Germany, Russia, Israel, France and anywhere else in the world, trusting health insurance abroad, because with I&G Insurance Brokers you are completely protected. The transaction period is of your choice - between 1 and 365 days.