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Online civil liability - a convenient and fast solution while staying at home

Online civil liability - a convenient and fast solution while staying at home image

As all car owners know, the conclusion of civil liability is mandatory and now we will share information on how to do it online. This is an extremely convenient service in the conditions of the need to stay at home. Will you find out more about what information is needed for this purpose and how long it takes? See more tips in this direction from I&G Insurance Brokers.

How can you conclude civil liability from home

With the current development of technology, cloud services and the Internet, you no longer even need to leave home to conclude your mandatory civil liability online. Of course, this can be done from anywhere in the country, whether you are in the park for a walk or a visit - everything is extremely easy and safe.

Using our special calculator, you have the opportunity to compare the different prices of 11 insurance companies in advance. When you fill in the necessary information, the online calculator will display various offers, from which you will have to choose the most advantageous one according to your needs and fill in the obligatory policy. After correct entry (see below) you will be able to choose how to pay. With a single payment or in several installments, delivery is free.

What information will you need to provide

When concluding the obligatory civil liability, an electronic form is filled in online, in which you need to provide the following information:

  • the type of car and its characteristics;
  • whether you are a natural or legal person;
  • the age of the car owner;
  • your experience as a driver;
  • have you had any accidents in the last 3 years;
  • the year of the first registration;
  • Is your car right-hand drive;
  • do you have a Casco;
  • whether insurance is currently concluded;
  • do you use your car for personal purposes or for others.

How long will it take you

The system for concluding online civil liability of the insurance broker I&G Brokers is extremely innovative and compliant with modern technological standards. In this regard, the time for engagement and insurance is minimized. In case the necessary information for filling in the policy is prepared in advance and in front of you, our research shows that the whole process will take you about 5 minutes.

Insurance advice from I&G Insurance Brokers

Our advice is to take out your compulsory liability insurance online, because this gives you full flexibility to choose the time of day to do it. Do not wait for the last moment, but act now, because it will give you peace of mind tomorrow.