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What are the new benefits and advantages of Auto Assistance insurance

What are the new benefits and advantages of Auto Assistance insurance image

The advantages of concluding a "car assistance" are:

  • provides assistance for the damaged car, the driver and his passengers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. So you buy something invaluable, and it is a quieter trip and full use of the budget, without setting aside for a possible accident;
  • bears the costs for transportation of the car and the passengers up to the set limit;
  • react quickly and safely in the event of an accident;
  • you will receive a discount on the insurance premium if you have concluded civil liability and / or motor hull with the same insurance company.

The benefit of concluding it is its validity abroad.

What does AutoAssistance include

The insurance includes:

  • on-site repairs in the event of a traffic accident or technical failure, including lack of fuel;
  • repatriation and / or accommodation costs;
  • transportation for medical purposes;
  • transportation of the car to a suitable service center in the nearest town or to the address of its registration;
  • power supply in case of faulty battery;
  • replacement of a damaged tire;
  • stay in places intended for cars;
  • overnight at the driver's hotel;
  • expenses for examinations, tests and manipulations of the persons traveling in the car, in case of bodily injuries as a result of an accident;
  • others.

What is Auto Assistance

Car assistance is a type of car insurance. It provides assistance when traveling with a motor vehicle by the insurer. It covers the cost of the vehicle for various services if it has suffered a traffic accident or technical damage. In the event of another assistance event, the insurer pays compensation to the insured.

How can we get this service

You can get Auto Assistance insurance by phone, email address or in our online chat, which you will see on the I&G Insurance Brokers website. You need to show a Vehicle Registration Certificate, Part I (large car ticket).

Why trust I&G Insurance Brokers?

I&G Insurance Brokers have a wide range of insurances. The essential intention of the broker is to provide its clients with a large insurance coverage at affordable prices. You will be consulted by experienced car insurance professionals to help you choose the right product and insurer for you. Upon concluding Auto Assistance, the company has a 24-hour hotline at the emergency center. They will guide you step by step on how to deal with the situation and you can call for help if needed.