How to ensure peace of mind on the road

Publish date 20 June 2023
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You are an active driver. It never occurs to you to replace your favorite car with an alternative way to get around. You often run away from the hectic daily routine by changing the destination for a few days and in most cases using it again. Your work is associated with frequent travel, the car is your office. If you find yourself in any of the above descriptions, then you certainly need this insurance.

What is car assistance

The insurance provides assistance for the damaged car and its passengers. You can count on the quick reaction of the insurance companies' assistance centers around the clock. In exchange for payment of an insurance premium, you receive auto assistance insurance, which covers the costs of using various services in the event that the vehicle has suffered an accident and / or technical damage. Auto assistance can be valid both on the territory of Bulgaria and abroad.

What does the insurance cover?

The risks covered by concluding it are:

  • repatriation of vehicles in case of an accident;
  • repatriation of vehicles in case of technical damage and vandalism;
  • tire change;
  • fuel delivery;
  • delivery of spare parts;
  • power supply or technical assistance;
  • stay of the damaged car in the parking lot;
  • providing a replacement driver for driving a vehicle;
  • legal aid;
  • others.

Main advantages of insurance

According to the terms of most of the insurance companies, in combination with Civil Liability or Auto Casco, you can take out car assistance at preferential prices, for less than BGN 2 per month. Yes, it costs so much to ensure your comfort and tranquility on the road, both for Bulgaria and abroad.

Insurance tips from

I&G Brokers knows how important it is to inform its clients about insurance products, especially those that can be combined with their current insurance. Many consumers of insurance services do not even know how much time and nerves they could save if they knew about the existence of a product. Our long-term work and accumulated experience has turned us into professionals in the field. Our experts are well prepared and will acquaint you in detail with insurance suitable for you, their conditions, coverage and prices.