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What damages does civil liability cover?

Publish date 15 May 2020
What damages does civil liability cover? image

Cars that are registered and drive on paved roads must have Civil Liability Insurance. The damages that are insured by the Civil Liability are property and non-property caused by the user of the insurance of third parties. Their fault depends on the ownership and / or driving of the vehicle. The insured are liable for the damages caused according to the legislation of the country in which the damage occurred. This can happen both on the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria and abroad.

What the insurance does not cover

Every participant in the movement must be familiar with the scope of insurance protection and, above all, with what is not included in this scope. The scope of "Civil Liability" does not include damage when using:

  • rail vehicles, but not including trams;
  • self-propelled equipment with power up to 10 kW;
  • trailers up to 750 kg;
  • interest and court costs;
  • impairment of damaged property;
  • reimbursement of sums, in case of death or damage caused by the circumstance, made by the WHO;
  • fines and penalties for the offender.

Are there any coverage limitations

Third party liability insurance does not include damages caused by:

  • of the vehicle and the items transported with it by the driver responsible for the accident;
  • the condition of a relative of the perpetrator;
  • when using the vehicle for racing, if there is no other explicit agreement described in the concluded contract;
  • when using the vehicle during an act of terrorism or war;
  • from vehicles transporting radioactive, chemical or other materials that are dangerous and can cause severe consequences;
  • of our environment;
  • from the loss of jewelry, finances, valuables and other collections.

What are the obligations of the insured

Not only I&G Insurance Brokers have obligations. Upon occurrence of an insurance event, the insured must:

  • tried to save the lives of the wounded;
  • inform the competent authorities;
  • inform the insurance company with which he has signed the contract;
  • does not leave the place unless he is in serious physical condition and has to go to hospital;
  • does not use alcohol and other narcotics or narcotics;
  • give the victim the data needed to claim compensation;
  • tell what exactly happened;
  • notify his insurer in writing of any proceedings against him and whether the injured party has exercised his right to claim compensation.

Why choose I&G Insurance Brokers?

I&G Insurance Brokers offer online insurance that saves you time and office work. They also have an online calculator that will calculate how much your Third Party Liability insurance will be. All you need to do is enter the type and characteristics of your car, place of registration, whether it is for your own or company use, your age, experience as a driver and whether you have had an accident and so on. This way is fast, easy, convenient and with transparent conditions. I&G Insurance Brokers also offers other car insurance.