How do I&G Insurance Brokers differ from others?

Publish date 19 May 2020
How do I&G Insurance Brokers differ from others? image

Life insurance has a price, like the others, but its value cannot be measured. When you sign such a contract, you get peace of mind, because there is someone to take care of you in case of an unpleasant incident. It insures you and your loved ones against accidents, such as permanent and temporary loss of the ability to work and others of your choice, that is, if an accident occurs, which is covered by life insurance, you will receive compensation. If you want to find out about everything, you can ask on the chat on the site at any time, write an email or call the toll-free number.

What is the price

You determine the sum insured under your contract. You can do it easily through the online platform of I&G Insurance Brokers. All you have to do is fill in the questionnaire. It includes your name, date of birth (date / month / year), profession, email address, and optional contact for feedback and the amount you can afford. After you make an inquiry, I&G Insurance Brokers will contact you to tell you how much you will have to pay.

What is life insurance

It is divided into subspecies and combinations. Life insurance coverage is risk, marriage, child and savings insurance. Each different group is signed for different terms, some are shorter, others with a longer period. Before and during the contract, the insurer has the right to receive information about the age, gender, health and financial situation of the user of the service. They can also be concluded indefinitely. Most of the premiums are subject to tax relief.

How to choose the best for you

There are no specific requirements for the contract, the choice depends on your needs. The types of life insurance are:

  • savings;
  • with personal investment;
  • children's, which is used to pay for education;
  • risky for one person;
  • risky for more than one person;
  • savings for several people, containing tax relief;
  • for several people, for a period of less than one year;
  • financial - insurance program.

How I&G Insurance Brokers are different from others

I&G Insurance Brokers is an insurance broker. It differs from others by:

  • transparent conditions;
  • online application;
  • a full team of experts;
  • offering a wide variety of insurance;
  • use a quality management system;
  • many prestigious awards in this field.

I&G Insurance Brokers offer bargaining in the office and online on the company's website. The advantage of the internet option is the use of the virtual questionnaire - on the answers of which a proposal is made for exactly this person.