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What insurance to take

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Are you starting a journey and all you want is to enjoy it? Wondering what types of insurance to take out? Here are some ideas. For your car you can conclude "Civil Liability", Auto Casco, Casco "For You" and Car Assistance. If you take out a "medical trip", it will take care of your health and luggage, and you will feel safe during your trip, be it in Bulgaria or abroad. Others that will protect you or help you in a particular situation are - "Life", health and property insurance.

What does life insurance include

"Life" protects you and your family from accidents, it is permissible to be insured by your employer, to insure individually or in groups. The subtypes of "Life" from which you can choose are:

  • Savings;
  • With individual investment;
  • Children's, which can be used as capital for education;
  • Individual risk;
  • Group risk;
  • Group savings, including tax relief;
  • Group, for a short period of time;
  • Financial - insurance program.

What types of health insurance are there?

Depending on the number of persons specified in the insurance policies, health insurance can be single, family and group. The minimum number of insured under the family and group insurances is determined by the general conditions of the insurances. Wherever you go to live and work in the world, there is always the need for you and your family to have an appropriate health insurance plan. The international health insurance plans that I&G Brokers offer can provide health coverage where and when needed.

Who can take out property insurance

Movable and immovable property insurance is suitable for both owners and tenants or users. The subject of the insurance are:

  • movable property - machinery, electrical appliances, machinery, equipment, business inventory, works of art, office and commercial, etc .;
  • real estate - houses, apartments, offices, warehouses, shops, farm buildings, workshops and other property.

What we at IG Insurance Brokers offer you

I&G Insurance Brokers offers you the right to choose - between insurers, prices, various products and coverage. Here you can insure whatever you want - your car, property and your life. For the types of "Life" you choose the sum insured, for others the coverage it provides you or which insurance company to protect you. I&G Insurance Brokers also offers you a quick way to sign a contract - online, ensuring that your personal data is protected from misuse.