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What is the difference between life insurance and accident

What is the difference between life insurance and accident image

The main differences between them are:

coverage - the first covers permanent and temporary disability, and the second - the cost of medical examinations and treatment and pays benefits for hospital stay and operations;

conclusion - life insurance requires names, date of birth and profession, there is also online, and for "Accidents" - a declaration of health or examination by a trusted doctor and health insurance;

term - the first is concluded from months to 30 years, and the second - from 1 to 5 years.

Life insurance has an option for savings. "Accident" postpones the beginning of their responsibility.

What exactly is life insurance

Life insurance is to protect you and your family from accidents. You can choose between the following types of life insurance:

  • Savings;
  • With individual investment;
  • Children's, which can be used as capital for education;
  • Individual risk;
  • Group risk;
  • Group savings, including tax relief;
  • Group, for a short period of time;
  • Financial - insurance program.

Life insurance covers:

  • disease;
  • disability;
  • death;
  • an accident due to one of the above;
  • concluding a civil marriage;
  • continuing education;
  • others.

What is the right accident insurance

I&G insurance brokers offer Accident insurance. Accidents are divided into work and domestic. The object of insurance is the life, health or physical integrity of the insured persons. It is concluded for any able-bodied person not exceeding 50% incapacity for work, if he / she falls within the age limit. The insurance can be individual, group or mutual. The contract is usually concluded for 1 year. Insurers usually offer financial compensation for losses due to medium, severe and fatal accidents.

Contact I&G insurance brokers

You can contact I&G insurance brokers by email, on the national contact phone, via viber, Facebook or by chatting on their website. Through the online platforms you can ask questions at any time of the day and on any questions related to the types of insurance offered by brokers. They are the following:


of cars;

of property;

medical for travel abroad and the country;

health insurance;

life insurance;

agricultural insurance;

transport insurance;

financial and commercial risks.