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What is the "Tenant's Insurance" insurance and when it will serve us

What is the

This type of service serves to cover losses caused by the lessee to the lessee. I&G Brokers can prepare special offers related to "Tenant Liability Insurance".

What is a rental agreement

The lease is a special kind. Through it, the landlord undertakes to provide the tenant with the accommodation, for a monthly payment of a certain amount. The agreement for renting an apartment or house must be in writing. Thus, the arrangements between the two sides will be clear. The obligations and rights of the person who rents the property and the landlord can be easily proved in future disputes. The contract can be in a more specific form, guaranteeing the rights of the tenant.

Is it a sufficient guarantor?

The lease agreement can be a sufficient guarantor only if all the conditions are written on paper. Verbal agreements are unprovable, which in itself leads to the possibility of non-fulfillment. In this situation, the only option is to rely on the good faith of the other party.

What is "Tenant Insurance"

This service covers amounts due from the tenant to the landlord due to non-pecuniary and pecuniary damages caused to the accommodation. This type of future insurance also covers costs for the protection of the tenant's rights, insofar as they are incurred with the consent of the insurance company. Fees and court costs are included if necessary. Trust I&G Brokers and rest assured when renting out a property.