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How much is the fine if you do not have Civil Liability

NEWS_PUBLISH_DATE 07 August 2020
How much is the fine if you do not have Civil Liability image

Civil liability is mandatory for all drivers who own and drive a motor vehicle registered in Bulgaria.

What determines the amount of the fine

The amount of the fines, if the obligatory Civil Liability Insurance has not been concluded, are regulated in Art. 638 of the Insurance Code:

  • natural person - BGN 250;
  • a natural person who drives a motor vehicle but is not the owner - BGN 400;
  • legal entity - property sanction of BGN 2,000.

Do we pay more in case of repeated violation

In case a natural person has already been sanctioned once, but is caught again in the same violation - there is no Civil Liability Insurance, he is obliged to pay the amount of eight hundred levs. If the person is legal - four thousand levs. In case of repeated violation of a driver who drives a foreign vehicle - eight hundred levs.

Do they fine us if we don't have a sticker?

When concluding Civil Liability Insurance, the insurer or the insurance intermediary must provide you with:

  • insurance policy;
  • sticker and control coupon;
  • Green Card certificate.

The driver is obliged to stick a valid sticker, in the lower left corner, on the windshield. If this is not possible, due to the lack of such, in the case of motorcycles / mopeds, the sticker shall be affixed to the insurance policy. Failure to comply with this condition shall be punishable by a fine of BGN 50. The same is the fine that must be paid if a valid control voucher is not provided.

Tips from I&G Brokers

In our hectic daily lives and sea of ​​tasks, we often miss important deadlines. When choosing where to take out your insurance, choose an insurer or insurance broker who will take care to remind you before it expires. This can be extremely useful for you and prevent the payment of hefty fines. It is important for I&G Brokers to save its clients the commitment to remember and monitor their insurances themselves, so it notifies them before each expiring policy and upcoming next installment. A frequently asked question is whether the insurance contract can be concluded by a person other than the owner. Yes, if you do not have the necessary free time to take out Civil Liability, do not hesitate to ask your loved one to do it for you. The other way to save your time is to order the policy online.