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No more routine roadside checks!

Publish date 25 September 2013
No more routine roadside checks! image

The Minister of Interior Tsvetlin Yovchev announced: "End of routine roadside inspections!", 24 Chasa newspaper writes.
Traffic police will stop cars in only four cases. This comes after the revelations about corruption in Operation Sticks 2.
After nearly three months of observations at the checkpoints around Sofia in 2011, it is understood that 59 out of 60 traffic police teams took bribes. At a national meeting of the ministry on Thursday, specific measures to limit the taking of bribes from the Traffic Police and the Security Police will be discussed, the Deputy Prime Minister said in an interview with the newspaper.
He also explained that a special instruction will allow uniformed men to stop cars in only 4 cases:
-When there is a visible violation of the rules of the road by the driver
-When the driver drives an incorrectly dangerous load, which poses a threat to other road users
-When the driver's behavior and the movement of his car raise suspicions that he has used alcohol and narcotics
"When there is evidence that the driver was involved in an accident or in some crime," I know that there will be heavy resistance, but I will not back down, "said Tsvetlin Yovchev.