They sold a unique James Bond car for € 730 thousand

Publish date 23 September 2013
They sold a unique James Bond car for € 730 thousand image

James Bond is one of the most popular action heroes in cinema, who entertains several generations of people around the world with his skills and innovative gadgets, getting him out of unexpected situations. An auction has now been held in London by RM Auctions, which sold one of the most iconic cars in the James Bond movies. In this case, it is a Lotus Esprit Submarine Car, which has the unique function of moving underwater, reports bbc.

A feature that made it one of the most popular cars in the series after being driven by Roger Moore in the 1977 film The Spy Who Loved Me. The unknown buyer of the attractive vehicle had to shell out almost € 730 thousand to buy the officially unique Lotus Esprit Submarine Car. Although this is less than the original expectations of RM Auctions, it is still quite an impressive amount.

The car was shown at numerous exhibitions during the filming and after the premiere of the film to attract the attention of consumers. After that, however, it was locked in a warehouse on Long Island with a prepaid rent of 10 years, but after its end no one was able to find its owner. Its contents were sold at auction, so the unsuspecting family acquired the Lotus Esprit Submarine Car for just $ 100 before falling into the hands of RM Auctions.