We buy a car without notarization

Publish date 11 September 2013
We buy a car without notarization image

A new change in the Road Traffic Act stipulates that the purchase and sale of a car will take place directly in the Traffic Police without the hitherto obligatory contract before a notary, Telegraf writes, quoted by CROSS. Current practice requires that the property be transferred through a written contract with a notarized signature. The Traffic Police propose to remove this condition for the convenience of the citizens.

The proposal has already been discussed at the expert level by the specialists in the Traffic Police and this Friday it will be sent to the Minister of Interior Tsvetlin Yovchev. He will have to assess whether the proposed amendment is appropriate. Experts will push for other changes, such as raising speeding fines almost twice. They want the fine in the city for exceeding 11 to 20 km per hour to be not BGN 50, but BGN 100. The traffic police also demand that the rabbits drive only with an escort, and that the permitted per mille for them is 0.2.

Source: burgasnews.com