BMW 328: the car that is ahead of its time

Publish date 11 September 2013
BMW 328: the car that is ahead of its time image

The BMW 328, produced in 1937, will be sold through RM Auctions during their traditional spring auction. Exactly this model was created especially for the Mille Miglia competition. Only 5,000 units have been produced from it.
The BMW 328 is not only a rare and incredibly beautiful car. It is obvious that the car is actually well ahead of its time - it has a tubular chassis, with an independent front suspension two-liter engine with 80 horsepower and a top speed of just under 200 km / h.

And because it's a racing car, the company's designer Wilhelm Meyerhofer has created an extremely light and aerodynamic design, with low seats, for a more efficient center of gravity.

After World War II, the Russians laid hands on the 328 Mille Miglia Büegelfalte. The car has spent a long time in Eastern Europe. Its current owner acquired it in 2001.