Bad driving habits

Publish date 12 September 2013
Bad driving habits image

When it comes to bad driving habits, there are always disputes between men or women. A study by shows some alignment between the sexes, and, of course, there are differences in different bad habits.

Here's what a survey of 500 male and 500 female drivers showed about their bad habits.

Men are generally more vindictive than women, and are twice as likely (compared to women) to scratch a car with a key or turn on the long ones against a car moving against them just because something has irritated them.

Contrary to expectations, women swear much more in front of children while driving - 44% against 30% for men.

However, when it comes to cursing in front of parents, women are much more moderate, with only 9% of them doing what is less than 10% of men.

43% of men and 39% of women have a habit of applying brakes to stress someone who does not keep a long distance.

Drivers often accelerate significantly to prevent overtaking - this is done by 25% of women and 28% of men.

Another bad habit is to worry about the driver in front because he is moving too slowly. This is done by 21% of women and 16% of men.

One of the most unpleasant moments for any driver is that someone takes his place in the parking lot while waiting to be released. Men are much more likely to do this - 13% of them, while only 9% of the fairer sex are so rude.

The increase in speed to block a car with a signal to change is made by 8% of women and 10% of men.

The representatives of the stronger sex are much more aggressive in terms of acceleration in order to catch up with the car that hit them. This is done by 11% of them, compared to 7% of women.

An equal number of men and women - eight percent, hit another car in the parking lot and disappeared.

It is interesting that 25% of drivers who admit their bad deeds do not regret them.

The situation with swearing in front of children is much different, with 75% of drivers regretting it. The next highest percentage of regrets - 62%, is in the situation when they "knocked" a car in the parking lot and fled.