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Young drivers without the right to drive powerful cars

Young drivers without the right to drive powerful cars image

Winter tires required, but for a shorter period

Katadzhii to assess on the spot whether it is time for winter tires or not and whether the driver is in violation. This proposal to amend the Road Traffic Act was presented during a discussion on illegal racing in parliament.

The chairman of the transport commission, Nastimir Ananiev, announced that he would also amend the texts. According to him, the texts adopted at first reading, which provide for winter tires to be mandatory from November 1 to April 1, set a very long period.

Ananiev will also introduce changes to specify the sanctions for driving at over 60 km / h. According to him, there is a difference whether you have exceeded the speed limit on a highway or in a populated area, and this text should have been specified. He will suggest that drivers identify themselves as young in the first 12 months after obtaining a license and that this category be displayed with a sign or sticker on the car.

Another proposal that Ananiev has discussed with experts is whether, if the limit on the highway is 140 km per hour, for young people it should be 120 km.

"We are also thinking about limiting the cubic capacity for the first 12 months. It is important to drive at night and therefore in the training period to have 50 to 50 night and day driving in order to have experience in this direction and to have driving on the highway, "explained Ananiev.

Boyko Ranovski - Chief of Traffic Police, also announced the official data on accidents and deaths last year.

In 2015, 7225 serious accidents were registered, in which 708 people died and 8971 were injured. In 2014, the death toll was 48 less, and the number of accidents - 205.

He gave the example of the airport in Kardzhali, where for a year law enforcement agencies performed several operations and caught 40-50 cars. According to him, after these inspections, people no longer gather there for competitions.
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