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The fastest cars in the last 20 years

The fastest cars in the last 20 years image

A little over 20 years ago, speeds of over 200 miles per hour (320 km / h) were unthinkable.

Just a few months ago, the $ 1.2 million Hennesey Venom GT developed 270.49 miles or 435.31 km / h. Today's ranking will introduce us to the fastest cars in the last 20 years:

McLaren F1 topped this prestigious ranking in the years from 1994 to 1998. Initially, the speed of the car was 231 mph or 371 km / h, but after the improvements it managed to develop 240 mph or 386 km / h.

In 1999, Lamborghini launched the Diablo GT, which can develop 215 mph, or exactly 346 km / h.

A year later, Saleen launched its S7, which remained in the lead in 2001 at 220 mph or 354 km / h.

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