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The most expensive insurers in Europe

Publish date 02 July 2014
The most expensive insurers in Europe image

30 insurers, 12 of which - life insurers are among the 500 most expensive companies in Europe, according to the latest ranking of the Financial Times-FT Europe 500 2012.

Nearly $ 440 billion is the total market value of the 30 largest insurers on the Old Continent.

Allianz ranks first among the 18 companies outside the life insurance sector. The company has a stock market capitalization of 45.506 billion dollars, which gives it 41st place in the overall ranking of the most expensive in Europe.

Immediately after it in the sector is Zurich Financial Services with a value of 39.559 billion dollars, and in third place is AHA with a value of 39.017 billion dollars.

Germany, France and Switzerland dominate the list with three names on the list. The UK ranks with two insurers, while Austria, Denmark, Finland, Italy, Norway, Poland and Spain have one each.

Of the companies with direct activity in Bulgaria, the list includes Allianz, Generali and Vienna Insurance, which are respectively in first, fifth and 13th place in the sector.

There are twelve life insurance companies that are expensive enough to rank among the Top 500 in Europe.

The Dutch ING is first in the sector and 82nd in the overall ranking with a price of 31.863 billion dollars. Down to the Top 5 are only British companies.

Half of the 12 companies are actually from the UK. The Netherlands has two names, and France, Belgium, Switzerland and Italy have one life insurer each. Of all of them, only ING has its divisions in Bulgaria.

Britain's Royal Duch Shell topped the list of most expensive companies in Europe, with a capitalization of $ 222.425 billion. It is followed by the Swiss food industry giant Nestle, which is valued at $ 207.376 billion. In third place is the British bank HSBC, whose value is 160.670 billion dollars.

The top five is complemented by two Swiss pharmaceutical companies - Novartis ($ 151.761 billion) and Roche ($ 151.497 billion).

The sector with the most companies in the European Top 500 is banking. A total of 53 banks are on the list. However, there is only one bank in the Top 25. Among the 25 most expensive rulers is the fuel sector - with 8 companies, followed by pharmaceuticals and biotechnology - with 4 names on the list.