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The largest revenue companies for 2016 in the world

The largest revenue companies for 2016 in the world image


Exor - an Italian investment company with revenues of 153 billion dollars in 2016.

She owns stakes in The Economist Group, Fiat Chrysler, Ferrari, the Juventus football team - and these are just some of the names.

Ping An Insurance

Ping An - an insurance company in China. The company is also known for its early support for Lufax, an online lending platform that is one of the largest fintech unicorns in the industry.

E-ON - one of the largest private providers of electrical services in the world and serves 33 million companies in over 30 countries. K


AXA - a French multinational insurance company active in global insurance, investment management and other financial services. Its revenue for 2016 amounts to 129 billion dollars.

State Grid - an electric company in China. It has 1.9 million employees, 1.1 billion customers and revenues of $ 330 billion.