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See which is the most preferred color car in 2016

See which is the most preferred color car in 2016 image

The annual survey of WAF Company for the most preferred colors when buying a new car has been published.

78% of the new cars are offered in colors in the classic palette: white, black, gray and red.

The study shows that for 2016 in Europe, white is in first place with 29%.

The number of gray cars has decreased compared to the previous year 2015 - from 16% to 12%.

After white, the second place is occupied by black with 19%, and after that it is gray with 12%.

In fourth place is the blue color with 10%, followed by the red color with 9%.

WAF's research also shows that the crampedness of cars in beige, green, orange, gold, violet and yellow is not great.

It is important to note that the preferences of the drivers, regarding the colors, differ with different types of cars.