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What to do after you find out that your car is missing

Publish date 05 May 2017
What to do after you find out that your car is missing image

Once you have determined that your car is missing, it is advisable to first call "Parking lots and garages" to check if your car is not picked up due to improper parking.

However, if you receive a negative answer you should:

Call the police and the insurer and report the theft.
Then head to the nearest police station. There you must bring the car ticket (registration certificate).
You must complete an application describing when and where you last left the car, as well as when you found it missing. It is important to know that the application must include a description of the car - registration number, color, model. Once you have completed the description, the application must be signed by you and the investigator on duty.
You must sign a statement stating that if you find your car yourself before the police, you will notify them immediately to end the search.
Once you submit the application and the declaration to the station, there is nothing else I can do. Things are taken over by the police officer, who sends a telegram for a national or international search (depending on the case) and keeps a report for a crime.