The most ridiculous cases of accidents

Publish date 25 November 2016
The most ridiculous cases of accidents image

There is generally nothing fun in accidents. In this article, however, we will introduce you to some of the most ridiculous causes of road accidents, as well as some of the strangest and perhaps even funny, but real accidents.

Three of the main causes of accidents - pets, coffee cups, high heels!

A study by an insurance company in the UK claims that the most common causes of accidents are pets, coffee cups and high heels. According to him, more than 13 million road accidents in the world have occurred precisely because of these factors.

And although men top the crash list, the study found that more than 40 percent of women drivers lost control of their cars because of their high heels. These are the ladies between the ages of 25 and 35 who cause accidents because of another passion of theirs - their love of coffee. Many times empty coffee cups left around or under the seats fell under the drawers. This also happens with empty bottles of water or other beverages.

The third serious reason that the study cites as the main one for accidents is pets. Dogs and cats allowed to roam freely in the car are in fact a huge threat to its control, as they may suddenly find themselves in the driver's lap or attempt to jump out the window. Whatever happens, one thing is for sure - the driver of the car will be distracted. According to statistics, one in eight drivers admits to causing an accident on the road because of a dog in the car.

6 strange but fun crashes:

  • a man who goes to the traffic police to renew his driver's license bursts into the building with his car. This happened in 2010 in Washington, and the driver then shared that while parking in front of the traffic control office instead of the brake, he unwittingly pressed the gas and so flew inside straight with his car;
  • while driving his truck and eating an apple at the same time, 55-year-old Richard Payler choked and quickly began to suffocate. So he lost control and hit a concrete fence on the road. However, from the strong blow, the piece of apple that was stuck in his throat just came out. Thus the accident saved the driver's life;
  • in 2012, a 27-year-old woman from the United States stole a pickup truck. However, the police reacted in time and chased the perpetrator on the streets for 4 minutes, until she lost control and crashed right into the police station building;
  • in the same year, again in the United States, a 66-year-old lady crashed into two different buildings with two different cars on two consecutive days. Police suggested that the woman simply often confused the brake and accelerator. The damages caused by it on the buildings of a fast food restaurant and an eye examination clinic are worth BGN 50,000;
  • in 2013, while driving, an elderly American trapped his feet on the gas and flew his car straight through the doors of a family pizzeria. Due to the small size of the car, it got stuck between the doors of the building and while waiting for the police to come, the man ordered a pizza and ate it;
  • a 13-year-old daredevil from New Jersey stole a car, but unfortunately while driving he saw his mother's car in front of him. From the unexpected meeting, the teenager panicked so much that he crashed right into the trunk of the opposite tree.