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The most expensive car of 2014

Publish date 23 December 2014
The most expensive car of 2014 image

Although nine of the 10 most expensive cars sold at auction in 2014 were Ferrari, it turns out the brand does not boast the biggest price increase during the year. The first place in 2014 rose to its competitor Lamborghini - a model that adorned the walls of thousands of teenagers in the 80s.

According to the company Hagerty, which insures cars with collector's value, Lamborghini Countach was the most expensive car in 2014. The price of the Countach model jumped by 175% in 2014, which means that it tripled in a year.

Cars of this model now sell for more than $ 750,000, and previously sold for $ 200,000 or $ 300,000. According to CNBC, the 1979 Countach LP 400S will be auctioned off by RM Auctions in Arizona next month and is expected to cost more than $ 1 million.

Countach has always been a famous model. Introduced in 1974, the car breaks the rounded model in car design. The car was also a pioneer in opening the doors upwards, which later became common in supercars.

Lamborghini produced only about 2,000 Countachs in the period 1974-1990, when the model was replaced by Diablo.

The other two cars at the forefront of the 2014 price jump are the Sunbeam Tiger and Aston Martin Lagonda, according to Hagerty.

The Sunbeam Tiger, which has a British coupe and Ford's V-engine, has risen 61%. Lagonda was also quite popular in the 80's.