The most expensive private jet in the world

Publish date 16 October 2014
The most expensive private jet in the world image

How much is the largest, fastest and generally the best private jet? The answer is $ 65 million, model Gulfstream G650.

Having such an aircraft you can fly around the world faster and at higher altitudes than any passenger aircraft.

To get such a plane, however, you have to be quite patient. After submitting the order, it takes years for it to be delivered.

The G650 Gulfstream creates a new market segment for the entire industry. The aircraft is expected to have no real competition in the period 2016/2017, when the new model Global 7000/8000 of Bombardier will appear.

Here you can read why the Gulfstream G650 is the largest private aircraft on the market and has the tallest, longest and widest hull in its class: -skupiyat-chasten-samolet-v-sveta / nid-129629.html