The strangest star insurance

Publish date 29 March 2016
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Athletes and celebrities depend heavily on their appearance and physique to make a living, but some go far in their efforts to protect them. To many, it may seem outrageous, but the stars are seriously spending on insurance policies covering the anatomical assets underlying their success, CNBC reported. Although rare, body parts insurance has been done for decades. As far back as 1920, Ben Turpin, a clown from silent films known for his squinting, insured his eyes in case they ever stopped pointing in different directions, according to Time magazine. Here are nine examples of celebrities with strange insurance policies selected by CNBC:

1. Jeff Beck

Body part: Fingers Insurance: $ 1 million for each finger Legendary guitarist and former Yardbirds member Jeff Beck may be a virtuoso on his musical instrument, but he has yet to hone his culinary skills. After an accident in the kitchen that jeopardized his career, Beck decided to insure each of his fingers for $ 1 million. The accident occurred in 2009. Beck was cutting carrots for stew when his knife slipped, cutting off the tip of his left index finger, said Fortunately for him, his finger and career were saved in the hospital, and now, whatever irreparable damage is inflicted on the guitarist's fingers, at least his financial future will be secured.

2. Ferrera's America

Body part: SmileInsurance: $ 10 millionAmerica Ferrera is known for her role in the TV series "Ugly Betty". There she is the ugly duckling with the clamps. In real life, however, the actress does not have to wear the braces with which she struggles on the screen. In 2006, the company GlasoSmithKline, which produces toothpastes Aquafresh, bought from Lloyd's insurance policy for Ferrera's smile, worth $ 10 million. The policy is part of the national program "Smiles for Success", which raises money for free dental care for women in transition from social benefits to work.

3. Bruce Springsteen

Body part: Voice Sum insured: $ 6 million New Jersey's favorite son has insured New Jersey's favorite voice for $ 6 million, according to Known for his timeless hits such as "Born to Run" and "Dancing in the Dark", Bruce Springsteen has double-digit platinum and gold albums. The rock'n'roll superstar bought a policy from Lloyd's as a precaution in case he ever lost or seriously damaged his voice. According to Business Week, Lloyd’s could not disclose when the contract was, but it has paragraphs dated 1988.

4. Heidi Klum

Body part: Legs Sum insured: $ 2.2 million Popular mostly as a Victoria's Secret model, Heidi Klum had $ 2.2 million leg insurance from the London-based company Phillips De Pury while representing Braun epilators. If 2.2 million seems like a strange amount to you, it is because the top model's left leg is valued at $ 200,000 less than her right leg due to a scar.

5. Keith Richards

Keith Richards, founder and soloist of the Rolling Stones, knows exactly what raised him to where he is now. He also has a $ 1.6 million policy from Lloyd’s. She covers the hands that helped him become one of the greatest guitarists of all time. In an interview with Fortune magazine, the guitarist showed his hands and said, "This is a business," and like any other business, Richards cared about his financial interests.

6. Holly Madison

Body part: ChestInsurance: $ 1 millionEw Hugh Hefner's ex-boyfriend and star of the reality show "Holly's World" insured his breasts with a $ 1 million policy from Lloyd's last year. After participating in the reality show "Neighbors", Holly became famous for her body and in particular - for her breasts. However, the decision to take out such insurance was provoked by the participation in monokinis in the show "Peepshow" in Las Vegas, according to People magazine. "I've heard of people insuring parts of their bodies and I wondered why not?" Because if something happens to my breasts, it can take me out of business for months and I would probably miss millions of dollars, "Holly told People.

7. Troy Polamalu

Body part: HairInsurance: $ 1 millionThe Pittsburgh Steelers defender in the American football star game is known not only for his skills on the field, but also for his hair. Polamalu claims that he last cut his hair in 2000. It is said that before a game he spends 45 minutes just caring for her. A few years ago, the footballer became a representative of Procter & Gamble's Head & Shoulders shampoo and since then the company has done too much to protect his hair, including through $ 1 million insurance from Lloyd's. The shelf can be useful, because according to the rules of the National Football League, the hair is part of the player's clothes and is allowed to be pulled when the opposing players try to break it. Polamalu had already personally experienced this rule when he was arrested for hair in 2006.

8. Dolly Parton

Body part: Breast Insurance: $ 600,000. The country singer may be known for her voice, platinum blonde hair and hits such as "Jolene" and "9 to 5", but she has insured another important asset - her breasts. Dolly might not be Dolly if it weren't for her 40DD chest. That's why the singer has provided insurance coverage if something happens to them. Each of her breasts is valued at $ 300,000, or a total of $ 600,000.

9. Egon Ron

Body part: Taste receptorsInsurance: $ 400,000Egon Ronne, a Hungarian-born British immigrant, had a Lloyd’s policy covering his taste receptors, valued at $ 400,000. His restaurant guide Egon Ronay’s Guide to British Eateries is said to have been able to create and shatter both restaurant reputations and chef careers. Although Egon paved the way for chef Gordham Ramsey's success, the culinary critic himself was disgusted with the chefs on television and once exclaimed that "Ramsey and Oliver are no longer chefs but businessmen." The insurance covered the taste sensitivity of his receptors and guaranteed compensation in case he lost it. Egon died in 2010 at the age of 94.