Another way to achieve financial independence

Publish date 08 July 2016
Another way to achieve financial independence image

We all know that the road to financial freedom is not easy at all. Although everyone has ideas and principles on how to manage their personal finances, in practice they are difficult to implement.

A large part of the people in our country live on the principle of salary to salary (about 85%) and only a small part of the Bulgarians manage to achieve financial independence.

The reasons for this are many and varied. And yet everyone secretly hopes to find the key to financial freedom.

One of the main reasons is that it gives us much more pleasure to spend than to save. We know the pleasant feeling when you indulge in something new that you have been waiting for or wanting for a long time. Unfortunately, this feeling does not last very long and we are already focused on the next acquisition, which will satisfy us for the moment. Think about how many things you bought, the great euphoria around them and whether it does not pass or at least drastically decreases when you set your new goal.

To break this cycle, start spending more time on cheap and free activities that you enjoy - instead of spending your money on things that bring you temporary pleasure - walking in the park or the mountains in your free time, cycling, playing sports with friends. .This way you spend more time with your loved ones, instead of revenge with expensive gifts for the holidays.